I remember the first MS function I attended in Atlanta, GA, there were only 3 men in a room of over 400 women.  I was there with my wife, who was diagnosed in 1999, to learn more about this disease called MS that had creeped into our lives from out of nowhere. There was the guest speaker and one male MS patient who made up the total men in the room.  I learned a lot about the medicines that were available for MS patients, how better eating habits can be a big help in fighting this disease and how to do a better job managing stress in your life.  Also about new medicines in the developing process and where to get funding to help with the cost. At one point in the evening the guest speaker allowed the women to tell their story about how MS had physically changed their lives.


Many talk about how they begin to walk different and the husbands showed signs of not wanting to be seen in public with them anymore.  Later that night after we got home I told my wife that there was a moment at the MS meeting when I wanted to crawl under the table and hide as the women talked about how stupid we as men can act at a time when they need us the most. That night I got to see many stages of MS in that room and I made a commitment to my wife that as long as I live I would never be the kind of husband that was described. This was our battle together and whatever we had to do, we were going to fight this as ONE like we promised GOD years ago, in sickness and health, for better or worse, until death do us part. 


Michael A. Whiteside


God's Multiple Sclerosis Network, Inc.

 Pastor Pamela Whiteside at age 72 holding her  degree from
Georgia State University.